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Welcome the the RVS website.

Welcome to the RVS website. 

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                                                                      New releases and record live audio special

The latest live radio show, now uploaded as a podcast

Two hours wall to wall new released and recorded live gig special

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                                                                         RVS at the Gigs: Jericho Tavern

This was a great gig on Friday night. Upstairs at the Jericho Tavern
Silverspark ( Acoustic), 
The Shapes (Full band)
Torn by Colours ( Full band, less one guitarist)]
Video will up after approval by all bands
It was filmed Blog review
Picture of Headliners, Torn Like Colours ( Who replaced Fracture)

                                                                                       To Milton Keynes we go

They returned, this time at their HQ

Had had them down to do a Drum & Bass set each in 2013.

This is 2tone oldskool set from Saturday, January 3rd

4 hours Festive special 
With a many sounds and listener requests. Oh and some festive music  
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                                                                                     Want a Promo Video produced?

I was approached by a band, based in, Oxford, to make a promo video for their new ep. 

This is the result left. This was a paid project

The band is, The Shapes, the song, Tom Petty 1980


                                                                  The Radio Variety Strummer Room Monthly

Once a month, i am joined by co host and gig promoter

Chris Oakes ( In the background)

                                Strummer Room Project site

                                                                                   The Weekly "Sneek Preview" Video series

I began a Preview series back in May this year (2014) Previewing band i will be playing on the live radio show live week

I always wanted to includ footage from bands, which would then turn into the video version of the show,

November i changed the format to a "montage" style, mainly music videos from bands and related from the artists. I then add a commentary on the video

Want to be featured on the show, send music and video or as near footage as you have Blog

                    Moving forward with the Projectiles

Yes, that is me on the right, in a band, The Projectiles

Facebook here


                                                               Venues i attended in 2014. January, February, March and August

                                                    Castle House, Banbury ( Now closed) and The Flapper, Birmingham (Not closed)