Radio Variety Show
Many Styles, Many Sounds and More Audio Madness

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My name is Paul Readman ( aka DJ Readman) and created the Umbrella name, Radio Variety Show for the live internet streamed shows and videos.   

It all began in August 2008. From a DJ background( Two decks) i come to Music World Radio, because of the musical freedom. The concept of mine was to bring something on record decks, other than dance music to broadcasts.  I had more in my collection than just drum & Bass. Over time, it gradually changed to mp3 broadcasts, playing a few vinyl and then the introduction of interviews and performances from home( England) and abroad

Thats me (Left) with Ian wall, lead singer of Among the Echos.  Going to gigs is again beginning to move the show forward. I pack my camera and phone, which i film and interview bands with.

This is the Music World Radio schedue page

This is to the Main site

I do work for a living, but contributions to the running costs are much appreciated. There is more filming at gigs and audio from bands since i now attend gigs more. Sometimes, there is live broadcast from a venue, depends on the setup and arrangements.

I mainly go to Oxford and Birmingham as they are very easy to get to