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Radio Guests and Gig footage

                                                                  Welcome to the Video side of RVS

 Since 2013, i have been gradually building up the filming content side of the, Radio Variety Show.

The recordings are radio guests and gigs we attend and film the acts. The equipment, is a Canon Compact. Powershot, which has shocking audio ability. Many musicians have been shocked at the playback.  There will be more, with your help. More on that in the. Support the show, page

 Enjoy....DJ Readman

                                                                                                  Paid for Work

In November and December 2014 i was asked and paid to produce to video promos for bands. Below is an example of my filming, which was on my own time, filming bands. I am available to produce a promo videos for a fee. More information here

                            First gig attending of 2015.  Silverspark ( Acoustic Set), The Shapes, and Torn Like Colours
                                                                at the Jericho Tavern, Friday, January 16th

                            Images left to right in act order. Great night and most was filmed. When video in HD is uploaded, the images will be replaced

                                                      Among the Echoes, Fracture, album launch @ The Flapper, Birmingham
                                                                                     Saturday August 9th, 2014

                     Second and final gig  we attended in 2014. Both in Birmingham. We had a great time, watching the acts perform

Fracture Launch Kicked off with a solo performance Alex Juno, lead singer, songwriter of, Elmo Sexwhistle

30 Minute performance ( Lefy)

Second time i have filmed Sinestar. They get better and better

Over 30 minutes set, outstanding


First song selected for upload from their. Fracture, album launch

ATE, also known as, Among the Echoes

The entire 50 minutes set, was in album track order


Second song from their set, from the Flapper. Birmingham. 

This was to launch their brand new album, Fracture

                                                                March 15th, Ides of March gig. The Flapper, Birmingham

                                                                                 Great gig and one of my favourite venues to date.

Debut of "Humanvox" duo from Sunderland, Eurasianeyes, fabulous set from Pop/Trance Diva, Kira, throwing themselves on stage, well, Jay Smith did, from Manchester, Techno/Goth duo, Deviant, oustanding set by Pop electro act, Sinesta and great stage presence and new arranged performance with an addtional guitarist, Among the Echoes.

I filmed all this with my Canon camera and got great feedback from. Various video segments from Eurasianeyes, sinestar and Among the Echoes have been used and are on their respective Youtube Channels

                                                                        February 2014 Strummer Room Project at Castle House

February, we returned to Castle House broadcast ( Although, turned out it was rubbish stream), The Strummer Room Night, organised by Chris Oakes

but the camera work come out fine.

Masiro, a trio from Banbury/Oxford, who are Jazz/Rock fusion instrumentalist, i received a CD from in 2013. I finally got to see them. 

Punk Drunk Monkey Club were great on this night and the best performance i had see

Blood Red Stars, with a Jesus and Mary Chain/Ride, 90s indie sounds  and Shapes, who headlined with a Pop/Dodgy/Van Morrison style,sound

were all part of the night

                                                                      January Strummer Room Project night at the Castle House

                                                                                               First local gig we broadcast and filmed.

This is the first Strummer Room Night organised by Bodfest music co ordinator, Chris Oakes.  This was hosted by local venue, Castle House, which ios run by, Jake Pell and Suzette Neptune(Formerly known as JT's)

Performing were Simon Dwight, which ended up being a sequal from 2013, summer radio appearance. A solo performance by,Punch Drunk Monkey Club, lead singer, Bradley Taylor, fantasic Acoustic duo from, Southampton, Eagle and Weeks and great Psychedelic Punk outfit from, Oxford, Spinner Fall.

Below is the on camera interview i did the evening after with CO owner of the venue, Jake Pell and with his, singer of I Cried Wolf, Harry Davies, which is the resident Metal band, who were performing a few after i was there

                                                                                                     Guests from 2013

                                                                                                November monthly guests
                                                                                        Drum & bass DJs 2 Tone and Twist

                                      For the first time in a rather long while, we have a Drum and Bass DJ set by 2 Tone and DJ Twist 

                       Both hailing from, Milton Keynes,  where 2tone plays Intelligent and Twist, the Darker side of the jump up force. 

           It was a great Saturday afternoon, they played for roughly an hour each. 2tone was on his Technics 1210s first and then Twist 

on his CD Pioneers. This was broadcast and filmed from the new monthly guest location of the Hanwell Fields Community Center, BanburyThe                                                 Podcast is now up to listen to. The second half is louder than the first half due to the CD decks


                                                                                           Special guest for October
                                                                                          Acoustic Artist  Jonny Cooke

Live from General Foods Social Club on Saturday 26th October, we had special guest musician, Jonny Cooke, all the way from Ireland. 

He was accompanied by his chauffier and drum and bass DJ brother. Tony, for the afternoon.

We had a laugh, drank a few beers, had a chat and Jonny performed,

Since uploading the 45 minutes film and uploading within a few days of filming, we have a great response from fans and the albums engineer

Here we have the whole performance, some interview and vlogging. This includes, album songs, covers and demos 

                                                                         The audio broadcast is now up on Podcast here

                                                                                                    Guest for September


Jamie aka. Jaythree and Adam Bunting, Aka Adam b, for duo, Baleve. A duo from Banbury makes big ripples. on 29th September the performed three songs live  and part of the interview was also captured. There is one segment below. The full version of all segments together will available soon

                                                                                                         Guest in August

                                                                                John Cee Stannard and Blue Horizon

                                                                                            Doo Doob, Be Doh Wah the film

This is the whole 48 minute performance from the end of August 2013.  John and the debut of Blue Horizon, performing many songs of the album 

                                             ( Title above) This is uncut so the full 48 minute performance edited together from full song segments

                                                                                                 Simon Dwight July 2013

A few weeks after playing at Bodfest 2013, in Bodicote, near Banbury, he agreed to come down from Milton Keynes to Banbury for a special on him.

I had miss him at Bodfest, as i had heard, Chris Oakes, mention him. I got a CD from, Simon and when he come down, this is the result. over 30 minute Acoustic performance.

This is what to expect at the Castle House gig on January 24th 2014

                                                                                                   Blackdoghat April 2013

The first time i had filmed and entire set thing long and put it up in full this year. Took 6 months to plan, but it was worth it. 

Aside from the first song, the entire performance is there

Ian Nicholson and John Sage, who make up, part of, Blackdoghat