Radio Variety Show
Many Styles, Many Sounds and More Audio Madness

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Weekly Broadcasts to Podcasts

I broadcast on net station, Music World Radio and have been 

since 2008. . Each show has 18- 22 songs, all various styles and sounds. This is the reason for the "Variety Show" name, there are many artists from differents, in any one show

All shows open with a jingle, which was created by Texan, Chris Saffle. All posters were created by American, Lisa Ann. Thanks to them both

Every show opened with a promotion of a different artists per month.

The artists music is the first and last played on live broadcast and the second song, is used on voiceover segments

                                                                                               Changes from April 2014

                                                           From the above date,  i will be broadcasting Thursday, Friday or Saturday evenings only

                                                                   8-10pm GMT         3-5pm EST     and     9-11pm CET. 

Broadcast live in January 23rd on Music World Radio

and now uploaded to listen as a podcast

Featuring the fourthcoming relesed, Evolve by Naked Lunch, two songs from the new, Terminus ep by Lee Negin, live songs by Silverspark. The shapes, Torn Like Colours, new electro tune by duo, Train to Spain much more

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Now, once a month, with, Chris Oakes joining me on the show

There have been two shows so far, first on, November and the other this month



                                                     The Return Radio Stream, November 20th. Three hour Special
    Apologies for not updating this page enough( I just realised) I will put this right and add links to podcasts

This was the Belated Haloween,"Punk" Special

I was late, due to moving home and delay in net activation

We contninue with the Open Show Promotion Artist

The Corridors

The Podcast

These are the acts i promoted from the songs on the Playlist

Chris Saffle - Wolfman at My Door

The Corridors - The Motion of the Wheels

Andy Pickford - Could You Cry

The Corridors - Raindrop ( Voiceover song)

Naked Lunch - Glow ( Technomancer Remix)

Lee Negin - Groundless

Last Under the Sun - Beautane

68 75 - Playing with Fire ( Fan Made Extended Edit)

Brains All Gone - March of the Youth

Limozine - Party on the Bus

Police Bastard - The Lie

Naked Lunch - Weekend Behaviour (Trashed Remix by Cease2Xist)

Lee Negin - Shadow Play

Damn Vandals - Too Lazt To Die, Too Stoned to Live

The Shambolics - Death of Me

Shag Nasty - Punk Anthem

Maini Sorri - Awoken Heartbroken

Temple Black - Iniquitous

The Corridors - Raindrop ( Full Song)

Another golden musical moment, but to my attention by gig photographere, Michelle Griffin

This is Tim Muddiman, who is the guitarist on stage with Gary Numan and his band. He also the guitarist for, Pop Will Eat Itself and producing their new albums 


                                                                                                      Current Podcasts

                                                     July 17th. Lab 5, with Karena K and the Shamblics with the Lucky Faces

Podcast of the Live broadcast from 17th

Below are the featured bands music played

To listen to the podcast, click the image, left

Blackdoghat - Soul on Fire

Blackdoghat - Just for the hell of it (Voiceover song)

Laboratory 5 - Sektor 7

Shambolics - Death of Me

Karena K - Road to My Soul

Naked Lunch - Alone  (Bipolar mix)

Laboratory 5 - Sub Level 7

The Shambolics - Evil Gun

The Lucky Face - A Fine Line ( Radio Edit)

Laboratory 5 - Into the Unknown

The Shambolics - Home Alone with Methadone

The shambolics-  Here to Rock

Laboratory 5 - Automatic (feat. Ion Plasma Incineration)

Blackdoghat - Just for the Hell of it ( Full Song)

                                                            July 10th : Autoclav taking Medicine Man in, Among the Echoes

This is the song that i played by the artists as highlighted in

Vlog 11  including artists that i have chosen to play on an on going basis

Chris Saffle- Show Jingle

Blackdoghat - Just for the Hell of it 

Among the Echoes - Fracture

Medicine Hat - Hunting for Fun

Autoclav -Waiting Room

Red Lizzard-  If You Know Love

Autoclav - Spanner Line

Naked Lunch - Alone ( In Death Mix)

Medicine Hat - Long Way Back

Medicine Hat - Fire In Muskogee

Autoclav - Not in Service

Blackdoghat - Senseless

Chris Saffle - Show Jingle

                                                                              July 3rd  : Temptation Tapes the Odd Common

New Open Show Promotion Artist, Blackdoghat, to promote their new ep, BARK!

Songs from featured bands and highlighted in Vlog 10

Blackdoghat - Soul on Fire 

Clockwork Orange - A Place to Hide

Odd Common - The Dragon Mort

Back from Ashes - Rizen

68 75 - Kicking Down the Stalls

French Connection - Wonderland

Horseman - Diamons Burn to Coal

Back from Ashes - Point of No Return

Blackdoghat - Drown in Me

Click the image to go to the podcast

                                                                                   June 26th: Silverspark in the Shiny Darknes

26th June Edition

Songs from the new Silverspark album, the new single by, Shiny Darkness, more Ambient work from Andy Pickford, Jazz from Get the Blessing and more audio madness

As usual, click the image to listen to the  podcast

                                                                                  June 20th: The Chronicles of Cheeze

Opening the show, after the jingle thoughout June is


On this edition of the show, for the first time

we played an album in full, on the second hour

The album is The Chronicles of Cheeze

The new soundscape "Techno Opera" experience

from Lee Negin

Click image for podcast

                                                                                    June 5th:   Flames Run Deep

Thursday 5th June edition of the
live radio broadcast

From artists promoted on the vlog 07 

The Mescal Canyon Troubadours - Walking with the Devil
Hellbells - If I Dont Make Your Ears Bleed
Meter Bridge - Marvelous proposition
How to Swim - Niagara
Meter Bridge - Kite
Johnny Kowalski - Tequila Song

                                                                              May 29th:   More Audio Madness

Thursday May 29th Show

Featuring all acts that were featured on Vlog 06

Foreign Technology - Strung Out

De Profundis - Strange Awakenings

Dirty Bob - Man Behind the Gun

Hells Belles - Overload

In This Mode - Spiral

The Jackobins - The Otherside

Attrition - The Rising Tide ( Live 1992)

Full playlist on Podcast. Click poster for the show

                                                    May 22nd. Second show, from my new HQ and my new connection

Continuing the Bad Boy Eddy music, Open Show Promotion

until the end of May.

The music i played this week, focused on the submissions i mentioned in vlog 05

Selected artist from the Tech Music school compilation, singles by Folk Artist, Peggy Seeger, Punksters, Limozine and Rockers Prey to the Fallen ( From the CD from the band)

As requested the entire Blackdoghat ep, BARK! currently unreleased

Click poster to go to podcast

                                            May 15th New NQ, New connection and mostly Independent Music

The Live broadcast returned with a new better conntection in the new radio HQ

New music, mainly from artists featured in the new vlog series. including Frozen Planet, SilverSpark. Silversound, Brains All Gone and

loads more

For the podcast, click the image

New vlog series 

                                                                        Live Broadcast to Podcast Monday 21st April edition

Latest show and few features

All six songs played from the new Blackdoghat ep, BARK!

4 songs played from Canadian, Poprockers, Shoot the Moon

And the last show to be opened with a song by Bad Boy Eddy

They have been the Open Show artist for April

This is the latest podcast

12th April with the Open Show Promotion artist

Bad Boy Eddy

Click the image to go to the podcast

                               Many other podcasts. All from live broadcasts, which were broadcast on Music World Radio

                                                                                      Special guest and other podcasts

                                                                                       Jonny Cooke first appearance

This is one of the most popular Monthly guests we have had so far.

 Independent Acoustic, artist, Jonny Cooke


The podcast is the full show two hour show. 

The Youtube film is mainly performance and some chat

Here you have the full performance, which is spread out, 

studio and music and interview

There is a sequal coming soon

                                                                                     Open Show Promotion Artists for April. 
                                                                                               American 80s Rock influenced
                                                                                                             Bad Boy Eddy

Thoughout April, i will be playing the album, "Over the Top"

This is just a blinding album, with a great mix of Meatloaf, Skid Row and Alice Cooper inflienced 80s Rock. Bascially they nailed it

From the first show of April ( Monday 6th) I will open with the opening song

                                                                                                              Gig podcast

                                                                                                             Ides of March

This is first gig i have filmed in full ( Aside from three Among the Echoes tunes

Among the Echoes, Eurasianeyes, Kira, Deviant and Among the Echoes

This audio used it from the film and edited into a podcast

Click the poster

                                                                Features Open Show artist for February 68 75 and more

                                                                   Second full show filmed in Banbury that we did in 2014 
                                                                            All audio for this was used from the camera

This podcast features 

Two songs from the album, Stay on the Ride, from February, Open Show artist, 68 75 from Atlanta Georgia

Also studio from all four acts, that performed the day after at the Strumming Night at Castle House

Blood Red Stars, Masiro, Punch Drunk Monkey Club and The Shapes

Click the image

                                                                                                Special Guest Autumn 2012
                                                                                     Jet Noir accompanied by Tony Mayo

At the time, for the first time, an "In House" interview with Jet Noir.

As far as i am aware, she conducts very few interviews in person

This goes back to Autumn 2012. First time i had met, Tony Mayo, the electro band, Naked Lunch 

(Didn't know that at the time)

                                                                                                 Many more recordings

These links got to two Facebook albums i compiled and linked to the podcasts i uploaded. There will be more of list soon,when i have time.

                                                                        Album features, radio guests, interview and much more

                                                                                     2012 album                         2013 album

                                                                                                        Live Broadcast

Two hour shows, every week. Comprising of 18- 22 song playlist of songs. I have a " Variety" Show, which means, many styles, many sound. I have never stuck to one sound, unless i do special or a live interview. 

                                                                                  Music sourced and returns for musicians

I am fortunate enough to receive quality music from artists, promoters, P.A companies. which are the three main sources. I do buy music and play it, either it be a legendary artist or an independent artist. I received digital music and hard copies

Although nothing is guaranteed with radioplay, i have generated sales via people listening to artists i play, Facebook likes and new fans. It can happen, it does happen, just can't guarantee it. When people say, " I can guarantee" it just rubbish. 

I am pleased when something happens live or someone buys a song i am playing. Thats one of the reason i broadcast in the first place