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No, not a sequal to Pulp Fiction, this is the new album by Soundscape

master, Lee Negin

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Lee Website





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Prey to the Fallen
Debut album
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Pop Rock


New full band album

Flames Run Deep

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Electro act, who are no longer, Frozen

Naked Lunch

They made their name with releasing, Rabies with Bside, Slipping Again, back in the early 80s

Their back with new material, rerecordings and a new member, Jet Noir

More here

This is an incredible album by Ireland artist

Ann Scott.

More on "Venus to the Sky"   here

Acoustic Act from Banbury, with bags of talent. Adam and Jamie, aka,


Currently in a national Open Mic competition

Birmingham is this November and if they win that heat, the final is O2 Academy in London


Naked Lunch


This is a 4 track ep from electro punk originators, This is 4 of their original songs put together on a stunning ep


Although, i like Alternative sounds in music, i love commercial sounding music as well. 

This has talent written all over it.

End of 2012, i got sent some musc from Matt and Carley, under the name, Silverspark, from Daventry, England.  I had no idea who they were, but within seconds, i could tell they had something.  There was something is in the music, it does not take long

The ep( left) "Light the Fuse", was professionally recorded with some of the catchest Pop Rock songs i have heard in some time.

Originally a duo, Matt, the guitarist and Carley, the singer, recorded the ep with additional instruments, which they played themselves.

The songs will remind you of artists from the past, mainly through Carley angelic singing. Carley has one of the most beautiful voices in music.  Matt delivers great riffs you hear with great effect

The songs range from Acoustic to more gritter soft rock sounds. Many of the songs combine many elements

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