Radio Variety Show
Many Styles, Many Sounds and More Audio Madness

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Radio Variety Show is an umbrella name created by DJ Readman. 

The two main areas of promotion are online radio shows and filming

(At gigs and paid promo work)

The radio and gig filming need finances to oil the wheels

The three main areas of financial direction are:

Time, equipment, % to the stations stream


                                                                                      How we use donations

                          With the donations we received in 2013, we bought additional equipment. This was with radio guests and for backup


                                As as well financial donations, we received equipment. We are using this for the microphone connects to broadcast the

                                live radio stream.  We also received a 16 channel mixing deck, which will use in the future and backup equipment

                                                                             One of the reason for donations

                                          This was recorded in October 2013. One of the first full peformances from a live radio show. 

                                               We hired the practice room at. General Food for this for more room for the artist

                                           There was only one microphone at the time ( Now there are two. thanks to the donations) 

                                                      We need better filming equipment or someone else to film the radio guests

Although i broadcast from radio HQ, where i live, like above, i have hired placed to broadcast. This is not possible at the moment, due to financial restrictions and equipment.  The radio show is mobile enough, but we needa venue with wifi to broadcast on the net

Alternatively, we can go to another station, that is set up, but that means, not broadcasting on Music World Radio, unless we can duelcast

                                                                                           Equipment needed

Second laptop: Current one is getting old. Not got finances to replace. This is of course, takes a bit chunk of money. Obviously, two would be idea, but thats wishful thinking. Also need one for outside broadcasts, but we stopped that as currently equipment was unstable

Mics, stands, mixer, batteries: Extra mic stands, and microphones are always wanted ad a F.filter ( Goes into front of the microphone) Yes, batteries may be a small costs, but i have found going through a few of them in just a couple of shows, using the donated micromixer. Using more than one microphone, takaes juice, its suprising

Camera: Now, getting pretty dated, although still works. This the Canon Powershot i have used for most if not all radio guests and gigs reviews. It need something that stays in for more than two hours, or does not have factory setting cut off of 30 minutes.

Bills: I have no walk in studio, although, honestly, that would be nice. In reality, there is no money for that. I have hired places for guests, but you need a place with a net connection for that. My net connection and electric bill is not all taken up by the radio broadcasts and videos, put this does include background work

                                                                                                     What i offer

Besides generating all this good content to watch and listen, for free, to add to me skill set, i produce promo videos. This can be for a band, or not

I am more than willing to say, do some video  work for a laptop???

                                                                                                  Attending Gigs

I love watching and listening to live bands, who doesn't?

Due to tight finances, i am unable to include overnight hotel stays to go to gigs. This will reduce my attendance, by, well, alot.

The only place i can attend gigs  and come back the same night, is Oxford.  Birmingham and London are out for the moment. Its just not possible

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