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Weekly Music Vlog Series

                                                                         Welcome to the brand Weekly Preview series

                                    Began in May 2014, to highlight band, who i am going to play on the live radio stream that same week.

From November 2014, the format changes to mainly showing music video clips, from arists in a "Montage" format. I have a running commentry track on the video. I will soon be intergrating both styles to the series. Just need to find the time

                                                                            The New format and new monthly show

Two things happened in November for the show. 

Change to a "Montage" music video format and now once a month, i am joined by, gig promoter and organiser, Chris Oakes, going under

"The Strummer Room Project

                                                           VLog 12: More Dark electro with Lab 5 and some Shambolic Indie Punk

For Vlog, click the image , left

Below are the tracks by the artists featured

To the 17th July Live Broadcast to Podcast

Laboratory 5 Sektor 7

Shambolics - Death of Me

Karena K - Road to My Soul

Laboratory 5 - Sub Level 7

The Shambolics - Evil Gun

The Lucky Face - A Fine Line ( Radio Edit)

Laboratory 5 - Into the Unknown

The Shambolics - Home Alone with Methadone

The shambolics-  Here to Rock

Laboratory 5 - Automatic (feat. Ion Plasma Incineration)

                                                           Vlog 11: The Dark side of the force with some American Rock


Number 11, we have some dark electro, Drum and Bass Style

Autoclav and more are higlight in the video.which you can goto 

by clicking the poster

Below are the featured artists songs played

Blackdoghat - Just for the Hell of it 

Among the Echoes - Fracture

Medicine Hat - Hunting for Fun

Autoclav -Waiting Room

Autoclav - Spanner Line

Naked Lunch - Alone ( In Death Mix)

Medicine Hat - Long Way Back

Medicine Hat - Fire In Muskogee

Autoclav - Not in Service

Blackdoghat - Senseless

                                                                                   Vlog 10: We go into double figures

We go into the July with a great music of music

All music listed was featured and music we are playing on general playlist circulation

Link to video, clicj the poster

Chris Saffle - Opening Show Jingle

Blackdoghat - Soul on Fire ( July Open Show Artist)

Clockwork Orange - A Place to Hide

Odd Common - The Dragon Mort

Back from Ashes - Rizen

68 75 - Kicking Down the Stalls

Attrition - One Horse Reprise ( Attrition Mix)

French Connection - Wonderland

Red lizzard - She Wants to be Free

Horseman - Diamons Burn to Coal

Back from Ashes - Point of No Return

Blackdoghat - Drown in Me


                                                                                                Vlog 09 special edition

The Return of Lee Negin

his new album in full, Back2back in the second hour of the show

Vlog 09

Silverspark - Before the Shadows Play

Eltronn - Something or Nothing

Feel no Other - Winter is All Over You

Origami Arktika - Det syng for Storegut

Lee Negin - The Chronicles of Cheese ( Full Album)

Lee Negin Scrying the Now ( Begin act one: Anal Probe Insertion)

Lee Negin - Just Saying

Lee Negin  - Janus Half Baked

Lee Negin  - Loan ME A Paradigm

Lee Negin  - Wei Lei Lays Some Cable

Lee Negin  - Catch Your Breath

Lee Negin  - Acid Reflux

Lee Negin  - Lets Go Shopping ( Begins Act 2: The View from the Electric Chair)

Lee Negin  - Cogs in the Happiness Machine

Lee Negin - (Lets Join) The Twit Parade

Lee Negin  - The Bovine Tragedy

Lee Negin  - Sterne Drek Auf Der Autobahn

Lee Negin  - Happy Trials to You( Until We're Meat Again)

Lee Negin  - With the Cheeze on Top( Pass the Crisps) 

Silverspark - One Way Street (Full Song)

                                                                                             Vlog 08: Into June we go

Vlog 08

indie band, Clay Cat, Guitarits, Shaun Tobat, Metal band, Solitary and more

This video also including albums i have been playing recently by various artists

                                                                                                                  Vlog 07. 
                                                                                How to Swim to Meter Bridge for Hellsbells

Number 07 is upon us

More music submissions, Various artists

And Social Medial connections

Click the poster to go to the vlog

Any requestsi received via the main soclal media platforms i use ( Facebook, Twitter, Mixcloud and Youtube) between vlogs, get highlighted on the next recording

                                                                                                 Next Vlog 06, Sunday ,25th

Vlog 06 

Poster created by LIsa Ann

More music submissions and Social Media Connections

Vlog 05  19th May

Featuring, Rock outfit, Prey on the Fallen, Dark Electro from, Fatal Casualties and a compilation of Electro, Rock and Acoustic act from a Tech Music School, London

Through the Facebookers, Twitters and something about a Las Vegas Pool Party

All links to all musicians, artists and social media mentioned are on the videos description

Click on the left image


Great music featured (Visually) from Punk, Dark electro and more

Website update and the general subscription issue

All links are in the videos description


This is the first vlog in my new HQ/ Flat

Talk about and have my first bit of mail from Silverspark

From this vlog and am mentioning the Twitter follower and Facebook requests i have had on the week leading upto the next Vlog

Every social media link and all related links related to albums, artists, labels mentioned on the vlog are on the videos description

This is Sunday Vlog 02

This was recorded and uploaded on 27th April

Attriton, Staggs, Seven Thorns and more

Click the image to watch the video 

This is my first vlog. 

I have done many in the past, but stopped due to time more than anything

The main content is music submissions, news, subscribers that i catch on my social media channels

I use my ipad for images, unless i have something through the post. I use my TV if larger visual